What to Expect at Tumwater Veterinary Hospital

When you are looking for veterinary care, you should be able to count on outstanding care and excellent service. At Tumwater Veterinary Hospital, we have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to provide you the best possible healthcare for your pet.

For the safety of our patients and clients, please be sure that all cats are in carriers or on a leash and harness, and that all dogs are on a leash or in a carrier as well. Ask the front desk if you need a loaner leash or carrier if you do not have one. Thank you for your understanding.

  • When you arrive for your visit, you will be greeted and checked in by one of our knowledgeable, friendly Receptionists.
  • They will confirm your contact information and may ask you to have a seat in the waiting room while we prepare an exam room for your pet. Coffee, tea and water are available at your request (as well as pet treats and water bowls).
  • As soon as possible, you will be led to an exam room and the veterinary assistant will discuss the reason for your visit. This is a good time to let the assistant know about any specific concerns regarding your pet’s health you would like to have the doctor address.
  • Soon, the doctor will enter the room to begin examining of your pet.
  • After the exam, treatments, vaccines or tests are finished, you will return to the front desk to pay your bill and schedule any additional appointments that may be needed.

Once a year, your pet should be seen for an annual wellness exam. This will include a full physical exam, any vaccinations potentially due at the time of exam, a fecal screening and possibly a blood screen. If you have noted any changes with your pet, either physically or in behavior, please mention this to the doctor. Often the little changes that only an owner may notice can be a sign of a medical condition that we can catch early and manage successfully.