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Injured Wildlife

     What should you do if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal?

The best thing is to contact a wildlife rehabilitation facility as soon as possible.

For local wildlife call:  
For Heaven's Sake Wildlife Rescue 
Phone: (360) 273-0550        
--Does not take Raccoons--

For birds of prey (Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Etc.) please call:
Raindancer Wild Bird Rescue
Phone: (360) 970-5402 
 From the Raindancer Rescue Website: "If you have found an injured bird or bat, please contact us before handling the animal yourself. Birds of prey can inflict serious injuries with their talons and beaks. Bats may bite and are a rabies vector species in Washington State."

Another resource for wildlife rehabilitation is:
West Sound Wildlife Shelter located on Bainbridge Island.
Phone: (206) 855-9057
--May Take Raccoons Depending on Availability--

Tumwater Veterinary no longer rehabilitates wildlife, however we do assist various groups with providing medical care for the animals they are rehabilitating.

If you ever have a question, you can always call our clinic for assistance with contacting these groups. Please call us at 360-754-6008


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